The Man Who Explained Everything


Karl Friston's free energy principle might be the most all-encompassing idea since Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection. Some believe it's the missing link to true artificial intelligence. But to understand it, you need to peer inside the mind of Friston himself.

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The Hateful Life And Spiteful Death Of The Man Who Was Vigo The Carpathian


The story of Norbert Grupe—a Nazi soldier’s son, boxer, professional wrestler, failed actor, criminal, and miserable human being

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The Killers of Swaziland

The Big Roundtable

Fifteen years ago in this African kingdom, two serial killers were hard at work. Just one of them was human.

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How a scandal started with a poor housemaid and ended up taking down the most powerful woman in Africa

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The Ghosts of My Lai


In the hamlet where U.S. troops killed hundreds of men, women and children, survivors are ready to forgive the most infamous American soldier of the war.

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The Lost, True Story Of The CIA’s Greatest Basketball Coach


How did a 1972 exhibition basketball game between Russia and Uganda become a crucible for Cold War tensions at the dawn of Idi Amin's brutal regime?

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